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Resolution-enhanced spectroscopy of 81Y
Schnare, H.; Winter, G.; Käubler, L.; Reif, J.; Schwengner, R.;
The fusion-evaporation reaction 58Ni(32S,2 alpha
p ) has been used to study the neutron-deficient isotope 81Y.
Multiple particle gamma-ray coincidences have been detected by the GAMMASPHERE
array combined with the MICROBALL chrged-particle detector system. Gamma-ray
spectra with an improved resolution have been achieved from an event-by-event
determination of the nucleus recoil momentum, thus allowing a precise Doppler-shift
correction. In this way a resolution enhancement by a factor 2 was obtained
for a 1 MeV gamma line. During the analysis an Egamma - Egamma
matrix as well as an Egamma - Egamma - Egamma
cube have been used to extend the previously known level scheme to higher
spin ( I ca. 57/2 ) and excitation energy ( Ex ca. 17 MeV ).
More than 100 new gamma rays and 80 new levels have been added to the level
scheme and six new bands have been established. The interpretation of these
bands in terms of the cranking model and their comparison with similar
bands in neighboring nuclei is discussed.
  • Physical Review C Volume 56, Number 2, 729-743

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