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Pulsed-magnet design at the Dresden High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Zherlitsyn, S.; Herrmannsdoerfer, T.; Skourski, Y.; Sytcheva, A.; Wosnitza, J.;
The current status of the pulsed-magnet program of the High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Dresden (HLD) is reported. The non-destructive pulsed magnets for the HLD include a wide spectrum of coils designed for energies between 1 and 46 MJ, magnetic fields of 60 - 100 T, and pulse durations of 10 - 1000 ms. Magnet bores from 20 to 40 mm will accommodate different experimental setups. A universal core design has been developed at the HLD for these pulsed magnets. In spite of a strong external mechanical structure, our magnets are designed in a compact way. That allows to use this design both for inner and outer coils in multi-coil configurations. The core design has been successfully examined for a number of magnets for fields between 60 and 65 T. Already some user magnets for first scientific experiments have been installed and tested. The construction of a 9 MJ / 70 T mono-coil magnet has been accomplished. First test results are presented. The design of a two-coil 46 MJ magnet for magnetic fields above 85 T has been completed. Different aspects of the pulsed-magnet design and coil construction are discussed. Important issues of the coil design are numerical simulations of the pulsed-magnet behavior. Both analytical approximations and finite element analysis are used for these simulations at the HLD. Some simulation results are presented.
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    Yamada Conference LX on Research in High magnetic Fields (RHMF), 16.-19.08.2006, Sendai, Japan

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