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Extraction of radio-labelled xanthine derivatives by artificial receptors – deep insight into the association behaviour
Bomkamp, M.; Siering, C.; Landrock, K.; Stephan, H.; Fröhlich, R.; Waldvogel, S. R.;
Association constants for the interaction of almost insoluble substrates with triphenylene ketal-based receptors in toluene have been determined by means of an extraction method employing the corresponding radio-labelled substrates. Flexible and more polar receptors tend to aggregate and exhibit inferior extraction qualities. Binding constants in toluene were found to be in the range 105–107M-1 which is significantly higher than in dichloromethane.
X-ray analyses indicate the direct participation of a water molecule in the binding process, which may account for the surprisingly small effect of moisture in the solvent on the stability of the complexes.
Keywords: caffeine · extraction · isotopic labelling · receptors · supramolecular chemistry

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