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Increase of blue electroluminescence from Ce-doped SiO2 layers through sensitization by Gd3+ ions
Sun, J. M.; Prucnal, S.; Skorupa, W.; Helm, M.; Rebohle, L.; Gebel, T.;
Efficient blue electroluminescence peak at around 440 nm with a maximum output power density of 34 mW/cm2 was obtained from Ce and Gd coimplanted metal-oxide-semiconductor light emitting devices. Energy transfer from Gd3+ to Ce3+ ions was observed during the excitation process, leading to a more than threefold increase of the external quantum efficiency of the blue Ce3+ luminescence up to 1.8%. This is evidenced by the increase of the excitation cross section of Ce3+ ions from 4.8x10−13 to 3.5x10−12 cm2 and the simultaneous reduction of the decay time and the impact
cross section of Gd3+ ions.
Keywords: Si light emitter, electroluminescence, rare earth

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