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Quantum-sized silicon precipitates in silicon-implanted and pulse-annealed silicon dioxide films: Photoluminescence and structural transformations

Tyschenko, I. E.; Kachurin, G. A.; Zhuravlev, K. S.; Pazdnikov, N. A.; Volodin, V. A.; Gutakovsky, A. K.; Leier, A. F.; Fröb, H.; Leo, K.; Böhme, T.; Rebohle, L.; Yankov, R. A.; Skorupa, W.
Strong blue, red an near-infrared photoluminescence has
been observed from Si+-implanted and pulse annealed SiO2 layers. Raman
scattering and high-resolution electron microscopy analyses have revealed
a correlation between the structure of the Si inclusions in the SiO2 layers
during pulse and furnace annealing have been discussed in terms of the
changes in the light emission ovserved experimentally. Small Si clusters,
non-crystallineinclusions and nanocrystals are believed to be the light
sources. The blue, red and near-infrared photoluminescence is associated
with small complexes of excess Si atoms, non-crystalline Si nanoinclusters
and quantum-confined Si nanocrystals, respectively.
  • Contribution to proceedings
    Materials Research Society symposium proceeding 438 (1997) pp. 453-458, MRS

Publ.-Id: 876