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Ion implantation and annealing effects in silicon carbide

Heera, V.; Skorupa, W.
SiC is a promising semiconductor material for high-power/high-frequency
and high-temperature electronic applications. For selective doping of SiC
ion implantation is the only possible process. However, relatively little
is known about ion implantation and annealing effects in SiC. Compared
to ion implantation into Si there is a number of specific features which
have to be considered for successful ion beam processing of SiC. A brief
review is given on some aspects of ion implantation in and annealing of
SiC. The ion implantation effects in SiC are discussed in direct comparison
to Si. The following issues are addressed: ion ranges, radiation damage,
amorphization, high temperature implantation, ion beam induced crystallization
and surface erosion.
  • Materials Research Society symposium proceeding 438 (1997) pp. 241-252, MRS

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