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Progress of the Rossendorf SRF Gun Project
Janssen, D.; Arnold, A.; Buettig, H.; Hempel, R.; Lehnert, U.; Michel, P.; Moeller, K.; Murcek, P.; Schneider, C.; Schurig, R.; Staufenbiel, F.; Teichert, J.; Xiang, R.; Kamps, T.; Lipka, D.; Marhauser, F.; Lehmann, W.-D.; Stephan, J.; Volkov, V.; Will, I.;
In this paper we report the status and the progress of the superconducting RF gun project in Rossendorf. The gun is designed for cw operation mode with 1 mA current and 10 MeV electron energy. The cavity consists of three cells with TESLA geometry, a special designed half-cell in which the photo cathode will be inserted and a choke filter, which prevents the leakage of RF power by the coaxial line between the cathode and the cavity cell. A double tuner allows the tuning of the half-cell and the TESLA cells separately. In 2005 the fabrication of two cavities with RRR300 and RRR40 was finished. We present the results of the field measurement and the warm tuning of the cavity cells as well as the tuning and performance measurement of the choke filter. The fabrication of the double tuner has been also finished. In a test bench we measured the properties of the tuner (tuning range, resolution) at LN2 temperature. Further activities concern the diagnostic beam line of the gun, the new cathode preparation and cathode transfer system, the driver laser and the LHe transfer line.
  • Contribution to proceedings
    European Particle Accelerator Conference EPAC 2006, 26.-30.06.2006, Edinburgh, Scotland
    EPAC 2006 - Proceedings, 2469-2471
  • Poster
    10th biennal European Particle Accelerator Conference EPAC 2006, 26.-30.06.2006, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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