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First RF-Measurements at the 3.5-Cell SRF-Photo-Gun Cavity in Rossendorf
Arnold, A.; Buettig, H.; Janssen, D.; Lehnert, U.; Michel, P.; Moeller, K.; Murcek, P.; Schneider, C.; Schurig, R.; Staufenbiel, F.; Teichert, J.; Xiang, R.; Kamps, T.; Lipka, D.; Marhauser, F.; Klemz, G.; Lehmann, W.-D.; Stephan, J.; Volkov, V.; Will, I.;
At the Forschungszentrum Rossendorf the development and the setup of the 2nd superconducting radio frequency photo electron injector (SRF-Photo-Gun) is nearly finished. One of the main attentionwas focussed at the treatment of the cavity. Their RF properties were measured at room temperature. The warm tuning was carried out considering pre-stressing and tuning range of both tuners (half cell and full cells). The adjusted field profiles and pass band frequencies of the four fundamental modes met the requirements. An external Q study of the main coupler yielded to an optimal antenna length and showed very good agreement between simulation and measurement. Furthermore the characteristics of the choke filter and both HOM filters were simulated, measured and tuned at the pi-mode frequency. The preparation (etching and rinsing) and the cold test were successfully done at DESY. The poster presents the setup for the measurements as well as a comparison of the simulated and measured results.
  • Poster
    28th International Free Elektron Laser Conference, 27.08.-01.09.2006, Berlin, Germany
  • Contribution to proceedings
    28th Free Electron Laser Conference 2006, 27.08.-01.09.2006, Berlin, Germany
    Proceedings of the 28th International Free Electron Laser Conference, 567-570

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