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Review on gamma and X-ray tomography in process engineering - major groups and technical drivers -

Hampel, U.
Computed tomography is for a long time no being a valuable tool for human medical diagnostics. It has also found applications in non-destructive testing and process diagnostics. Whereas for NDT applications systems with high spatial resolution, three dimensional imaging capability and a high dynamic range of photon energies are required, the challenging parameters for process diagnostics are temporal resolution, costs and flexibility. Many groups have dedicated past and current research to the establishment of tomography imaging modilities which fullfil such requirements. However, the search has not yet been finished. The presentation gives an overview on the past and recent developments in gamma ray and X-ray tomography and discusses their potentials and drawbacks in process diagnostics.
Keywords: gamma ray tomography, X-ray tomography
  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Annual Meeting of the Virtual Center of Process Tomography, 05.04.2006, Hudderfield, Great Britain

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