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The synthesized hot ion plasmoid experiment at GDT

Anikeev, A. V.; Bagryansky, P. A.; Deichuli, P. P.; Ivanov, A. A.; Kireenko, A. V.; Lizunov, A. A.; Murakhtin, S. V.; Prikhodko, V. V.; Solomakhin, A. L.; Sorokhin, A. V.; Stupishin, N. V.; Collatz, S.; Noack, K.
At present, the GDT experimental facility of the Budker Institute Novosibirsk is upgraded. The construction of the hot ion plasmoid experiment is one part of the upgrade. First experiments with low parameters were carried out and compared with the results of pre-calculations. The paper gives an overview on the present stage of the experiment and on next research activities. The main results are: - The maximal fast ion density was three times greater than the warm ion density. - No evidence of MHD or micro-instabilities was observed, therefore, it can be concluded that the fast ion confinement is fully controlled by Coulomb collisions and charge-exchange. - The feasibility of ambipolar plugging in gas dynamic traps was demonstrated.
Keywords: mirror plasma confinement, gas dynamic trap, GDT experiment, hot ion plasmoid, neutral beam injection
  • Lecture (Conference)
    6th International Conference on Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement, 17.-21.07.2006, Tsukuba, Japan
  • Fusion Science and Technology 51(2007), 79-81

Publ.-Id: 8893