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CFD-Analysen der Kühlmittelvermischung in Druckwasserreaktoren

Höhne, T.
Buoyancy driven mixing was investigated under simulated natural circulation conditions at the test facility ROCOM.
Experiments with density differences between the ECC water (higher density) resp. the de-borated slugs (lower density) and the ambient coolant was used to validate the CFD software CFX.
A Reynolds stress turbulence model was employed to model the effects of turbulence on the mean flow.
Hybrid meshes consisting at least of 2 million nodes and 4 million elements were used.
The experiment and CFD calculations show in both cases significant mixing effects due to the density differences.
The CFX-5 calculations show a good qualitative agreement with the data. At some local positions differences in the predicted and measured concentration fields occur. The obtained experimental and numerical results can be used for further studies of the core behavior using coupled thermo-hydraulic and neutron-kinetic code systems.
Next Steps: Improvement of turbulence models, calculation with different Reynolds Stress models or DES
Keywords: CFD, Coolant Mixing
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    DECHEMA/GVC-Arbeitsausschuß “Sicherheitsgerechtes Auslegen von Chemieapparaten“, 22.11.2006, Lampertheim, Deutschland

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