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Observation of magnetorotational instability in a liquid metal Taylor-Couette experiment

Gundrum, T.; Gerbeth, G.; Stefani, F.; Rüdiger, G.; Hollerbach, R.
Magnetic fields can play an active role in the formation of stars and black holes by virtue of the Magnetorotational Instability (MRI) which enables outward transport of angular momentum in accretion discs. Using a combination of axial and azimuthal magnetic fields, we provide experimental evidence of the MRI in a liquid metal Taylor-Couette experiment with Reynolds numbers of the order 1000 and Hartmann nubers of the order 10. The MRI mode in the liquid metal alloy GaInSn is measured by Ultrasonic Doppler Velocimetry.
  • Lecture (Conference)
    9th MHD Days 2006, 04.-05.12.2006, Heidelberg, Germany

Publ.-Id: 8979