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Theta+ formation in inclusive gamma D to pK-X

Titov, A. I.; Kämpfer, B.; Date, S.; Ohashi, Y.
We analyze the possibility to produce an intermediate Tp via a KN to Tp formation process in gamma D to pK-X (X=nK+,pK0) reactions at some specific kinematical conditions, in which a pK- pair is knocked out in the forward direction and its invariant mass is close to the mass of Ls (Ls equiv Lambda(1520)). The Theta+ signal may appear in the [gamma D,pK-] missing mass distribution. The ratio of the signal (cross section at the Theta+ peak position) to the smooth background processes varies from 0.7 to 2.5 depending on the spin and parity of Tp, and it decreases correspondingly if the pK- invariant mass is outside of the Ls-resonance region. We analyze the recent CLAS search for the Tp in the gamma D to pK-nK+ reaction and show that the conditions of this experiment greatly reduce the Tp formation process making it difficult to extract a Tp peak from the data.
  • Physical Review C 74(2006), 055206


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