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Relativistic approaches to investigations of few-nucleon systems

Dorkin, S. M.; Kaptari, L. P.; Kämpfer, B.; Semikh, S. S.
Theoretical approaches used in investigations of relativistic effects in high energy lepton and hadron collisions with few nucleon systems are analyzed. The Bethe-Salpeter formalism for describing interacting systems of two spinor particles both in the continuum and bound state is described in detail. Special attention is paid to partial expansions taking into account the analytic properties of Bethe-Salpeter amplitudes and unitary transformations correlating different representations of partial amplitudes. Mathematical methods of numerical solution of equations are considered. Results of calculation of relativistic corrections and effects of interactions in the final state in particular reactions with the deuteron, namely, inelastic pD backward scattering and in reactions of deuteron break-up with production of correlated pairs, are presented.
  • Physics of Particles and Nuclei 37(2006), 867-898


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