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Experimental modelling using low melting point metallic melts: Relevance for metallurgical engineering

Eckert, S.; Gerbeth, G.; Räbiger, D.; Willers, B.; Zhang, C.

This paper describes model experiments with low melting point liquid metals as an important tool to investigate the flow structure and related transport processes in melt flows being relevant for metallurgical applications. Three examples have been selected to demonstrate the benefit of such experiments, namely the electromagnetic stirring of a metallic melt in a pool, the directional solidification of Al-Si alloys under the influence of an electromagnetically driven flow and the behaviour of a liquid metal bubble plume if a vertically traveling field is applied. Results of flow measurements will be presented and the relevance for metallurgical processes will be discussed.

Keywords: liquid metal; magnetic field; electromagnetic stirring; solidification; bubble plume

  • Steel Research International 78(2007)5, 419-425

Publ.-Id: 9041