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β′′-(ET)2SF5CH2CF2SO3 – a Layered 2D Metal with Vanishing Interlayer Coupling

Wosnitza, J.; Hagel, J.; Ignatchik, O.; Bergk, B.; Gvozdikov, V. M.; Schlueter, J. A.; Winter, R. W.; Gard, G. L.
We report on electrical transport and magnetization measurements of the quasi-two-dimensional layered superconductor β′′-(ET)2SF5CH2CF2SO3. The absence of a resistive peak when a strong magnetic field is aligned along the conducting planes reflects the fact that the material is one of the most anisotropic ET-based metals with possible incoherent interlayer transport. Consequences of this feature may be the enhanced amplitude of magnetic quantum oscillations in the superconducting state and an unusual angulardependent metal-insulator transition.
  • Journal of Low Temperature Physics 142(2006), 327-332


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