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Effect of nuclear deformation on the electric-dipole strength in the particle-emission threshold region

Dönau, F.; Rusev, G.; Schwengner, R.; Junghans, A.; Schilling, K. D.; Wagner, A.
The role of the deformation for the photoabsorption cross section in the tail region of the electric Giant Dipole Resonance (GDR) is studied in terms of a deformed oscillator model and a Nilsson-plus-random-phase-approximation model. It is found within the framework of these approaches that extra electric dipole strength is generated at energies below the GDR maximum if the nuclear system is spacially deformed. This is important for the prediction of the stellar photodisintegration rates knowing that an extra strength can affect these rates even belo w the particle separation energies through the so-called gamma process. Because the nuclear deformation is governed by shell effects this extra strength does not directly correlate with varying neutron numbers.
Keywords: Oscillator Model, Nilsson-Model, Quasiparticle-Random-Phase-Approximation, nuclear deformation, Giant Dipole Resonance, photoabsorption cross section, E1 strength


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