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Channels of potential energy dissipation during multiply charged Argon ion bombardment of Copper

Kost, D.; Facsko, S.; Möller, W.; Hellhammer, R.; Stolterfoht, N.
The dissipation of potential energy of multiply charged Ar ions incident on Cu has been studied by complementary electron spectroscopy and calorimetry at charge states between 2 and 10 and kinetic energies between 100 eV and 1 keV. The emitted and deposited fractions of potential energy increase at increasing charge state, showing a significant jump for charge states q > 8 due to the presence of L-shell vacancies in the ion. Both fractions balance the total potential energy, thus rendering former perceptions of a significant deficit of potential energy obsolete. The experimental data are reproduced by computer simulations based on the extended dynamic classical-over-the-barrier model.
Keywords: Multiply charged ions, ion-surface interaction, energy deposition, Auger electron emission, calorimetry, classical over-the-barrier model
  • Physical Review Letters 98(2007), 225503


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