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Crenarchaeota 1.1b and Firmicutes consortium recovered from a uranyl nitrate treated uranium waste sample and its possible role against the toxicity of uranium

Reitz, T.; Geissler, A.; Merroun, M.; Selenska-Pobell, S.
Supplementations of a sample collected from a depleted uranium mining waste pile with uranyl nitrate induced significant changes in microbial community structure during the first four weeks of incubation. At the later stages of the treatment, however, the initial composition of the community, indigenous for the untreated samples and consisting mostly of uranium sensitive populations, started to set up. This indicates that the added uranium was no longer bio-available, possibly due to the interactions of the induced at the first stages of the treatment uranium resistant populations with the added radionuclide. Studies on archaeal diversity demonstrated a strong shifting from the subgroup 1.1a to the subgroup 1.1b of the mesophilic soil Crenarchaeota within the first four weeks of the incubations.
Our efforts to cultivate representatives of this crenarchaeal group on specific enrichment media from the sample treated with uranyl nitrate under anaerobic (corresponding to the natural) conditions, resulted in the recovery of a consortium consisting of the mentioned 1.1b Crenarchaeota mixed with populations of Firmicutes, mainly of Clostridium spp. Clostridia can effectively interact with uranium and they can also fermentatively reduce nitrate to ammonium. Because an ammonia oxidizing activity was deduced on the basis of meta-genomic analyses for the closest relative to the stimulated in our case 1.1b populations, we speculate that the clostridia possibly supply the crenarchaeal members of the recovered synergetic consortium with ammonia. In addition, a Paenibacillus sp. isolate was cultivated from this consortium and its interactions with uranium were studied by using TEM and EDX analyses.
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    Annual Conference of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM), 01.-04.04.2007, Osnabrück, Germany
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    Annual Conference of the Association for General and Applied Microbiology (VAAM), 01.-04.04.2007, Osnabrück, Germany
    Biospektrum, Das Magazin für Biowissenschaften, Tagungsband: Elsevier, 0947-0867, 193

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