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The Chiral Quark-Loop Soliton in a Hot Gas of Constituent Quarks

Schleif, M.; Wünsch, R.
We consider a chiral one-loop hedgehog soliton of the bosonized SU(2)f Nambu & Jona-Lasinio model which is embedded in a liot medium of constituent quarks. Energy and radius of the soliton are determined in self-consistent mean-field approximation. Quasi-classical corrections to the soliton energy are derived by means of the pushing and cranking approaches. The corresponding inertial parameters are evaluated. It is shown that the inertial mass is equivalent to the total internal energy of the soliton. Corrected nucleon and ∆ isobar masses are calculated in dependence on temperature and density of the medium. As a result of the internal structure of the soliton which is controlled by the self-consistent mean field, the scaling between constituent quark mass and soliton mass is noticeable disturbed.
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