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Melt stirring during directional solidification using modulated magnetic fields
Willers, B.; Räbiger, D.; Dong, J.; Eckert, S.; Nikrityuk, P. A.; Eckert, K.;
The imposition of an RMF on a solidifying metal column causes problems like the occurrence of typical segregation pattern or a deflection of the upper free surface leading to surface defects or the entrainment of gas. The RMF application provides a permanent radial inward flow along the solidification front. Such flow is responsible for the transport of solute to the axis of the ingot resulting in typical freckle segregation pattern in form of vertical channels filled with alloy of eutectic composition. In this paper we present a new innovative method of electromagnetic stirring using a modulated RMF which offers a considerable potential for a well-aimed modification of casting properties Solidification experiments as well as numerical simulations were carried out considering the directional solidification of Pb Sn alloys from a water cooled copper chill. A modulated rotating magnetic field (RMF) was applied for melt agitation. Thermocouples were used to measure the temperature field during solidification. The velocity field in the liquid phase was determined by means of Ultrasound Doppler velocimetry (UDV). Our numerical model is based on the classical mixture formulation. The comparison between numerical simulations and solidification experiments delivered a good agreement. Our results demonstrate the modulation magnetic field enables an effective control of the flow field and the structure of the solidified samples. Modifications of the grain structure and macrosegregation effects are discussed with respect to the details of the flow field.
Keywords: solidification, Pb-Sn alloys, convection, rotating magnetic field, Ultrasound Doppler Velocimetry
  • Lecture (Conference)
    EUROMAT2007 - European Congress on Advanced Materials and Processes, 10.-13.09.2007, Nürnberg, Germany

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