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Chiral bands in Rh-105

Alcantara-Nunez, J.; Oliveira, J.; Cybulska, E.; Medina, N.; Rao, M.; Ribas, R.; Rizzutto, M.; Seale, W.; Falla-Sotelo, F.; Wiedemann, K.; Dimitrov, V.; Frauendorf, S.

The Rh-105 nucleus has been studied by in-beam gamma spectroscopy with the heavy-ion fusion-evaporation reaction Mo-100(B-11, alpha2ngamma) at 43 MeV A rich variety of structures was observed at high and low spin, using gamma - gamma - t and gamma - gamma - particle coincidences and directional correlation ratios. Four magnetic dipole bands have also been observed at high spin. Two of them are nearly degenerate in excitation energy and could be chiral partners, as predicted by Tilted Axis Cranking calculations.

  • Open Access Logo Brazilian Journal of Physics 34(2004), 999

Publ.-Id: 10017