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The influence of the implantation sequence on the (SiC)1-x (AlN)x formation

Pezoldt, J.; Rybin, P. V.; Kulikov, D. V.; Trushin, Y. V.; Yankov, R. A.; Voelskow, M.; Kreissig, U.

The influence of the implantation sequence on the defect and implant distribution during (SiC)1-x (AlN)x formation was studied by Rutherford backscattering spectrometry/ion channelling (RBS/C) and elastic recoil detection. It is shown that the implantation sequence aluminum followed by nitrogen lead to an improved crystallinity compared to the reverse implantation sequence for implantation temperatures above 400o C. The results obtained are discussed in relation to the defects distributions calculated by using a developed model which includes the effect of stress self-consistently.

Keywords: Ion implantation; RBS; ERD; defect distribution

  • Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 166/167(2000)1-4, 758-763

Publ.-Id: 10584