Laser accelerated particle beams

Laser accelerated particle beams

Kraft, S.; Zeil, K.; Kluge, T.; Debus, A.; Bock, S.; Sauerbrey, R.; Schramm, U.

Laser driven particle acceleration has become a rapidly developing field in recent years. Laser pulses with a pulse duration of 10 - 100 fs and up to several Petawatt of power in each pulse are focussed onto either gas targets or thin foils where they create enormous electromagnetic fields. These fields operate as a mm scale accelerator producing quasimonoenergetic electron or ion beams with energies of 1 GeV and several MeV, respectively.

Although the lasers operate at very low repetition rates of around 1 Hz, such a system could become interesting for medical applications since a single bunch accelerated by the laser carries between 108 and 1010 particles.

In this talk, we want to present the current state of laser particle acceleration. Challenges and future developments for clinical applications in cancer therapy will be discussed.

  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Ion Beams in Biology and Medicine, 26.-29.09.2007, Heidelberg, Germany

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