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Investgation of crosstalk in cantilever arrays

Frank, A.; Zöllner, J.-P.; Sarov, Y.; Ivanov, T.; Klett, S.; Gotszalk, T.; Zielony, M.; Zawierucha, P.; Schmidt, B.; Zier, M.; Nikolov, N.; Engl, W.; Sulzbach, T.; Langlotz, E.; Dontsov, D.; Schott, W.; Rangelow, I. W.

In this paper a macro model of a cantilever for mixed domain simulation only with SPICE is presented. Based on lumped elements of equivalent circuits a model is developed, which realizes a coupled electro-thermal-mechanical simulation including crosstalk effects. Capacitive crosstalk through the substrate are evaluated and modelled with SPICE. This is verified with measurement and helps to solve the crosstalk effect.

Keywords: Cantilever array; SPICE simulation; MEMS modeling

  • Lecture (Conference)
    EUROSENSORS XXII, 07.-10.09.2008, Dresden, Deutschland

Publ.-Id: 12181