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Commissioning of the double Penning trap system MLLTRAP

Kolhinen, V. S.; Bussmann, M.; Gartzke, E.; Habs, D.; Neumayr, J. B.; Schürmann, C.; Szerypo, J.; Thirolf, P. G.

A cylindrical double Penning trap system has been installed and commissioned at the Maier-Leibnitz-Laboratory (MLL) in Garching. This trap system has been designed to isobarically purify low-energy ion beams and perform highly accurate mass measurements. Technical details of the device and the first results of the commissioning measurements will be presented. The mass resolving power achieved in the first trap for 119Rb ions is R=139(2)×103, while a relative mass uncertainty of δm/m=2.9×10−8 was reached with the second trap (no analysis of systematic uncertainties included) when using 87Rb as a reference ion for 85Rb.

Keywords: Penning trap; Mass measurement; Mass separation; Buffer gas cooling

Publ.-Id: 12210