THEREDA – A thermodynamic reference database for nuclear waste disposal in Germany

THEREDA – A thermodynamic reference database for nuclear waste disposal in Germany

Gester, S.; Altmaier, M.; Brendler, V.; Hagemann, S.; Herbert, H.-J.; Marquardt, C.; Moog, H. C.; Neck, V.; Richter, A.; Scharge, T.; Voigt, W.; Wilhelm, S.; Willms, T.; Wollmann, G.

The long-term safety of radioactive waste disposal in deep geological repositories with respective reliable predictions is an important fact in the disposal site selection process. To ensure the safety geochemical modeling calculations using comprehensive and consistent thermodynamic data are required.
The relational databank THEREDA will provide such thermodynamic datasets. It takes into account specific German requirements (high ionic strengths in salt host rocks) and temperatures up to 100°C. Available databases do not suffice these needs because of very restrictive data selection procedures or heterogeneous and inconsistent data. THEREDA mainly builds on data derived from solution experiments with a focus on ternary and higher systems.
The application of referential integrity, thermodynamic dependencies, alternative datasets and uncertainty estimates allows THEREDA to deliver tailor-made parameter files for use in geochemical modeling software like EQ3/6, GWB and ChemApp.
To enhance public use THEREDA is accessible via internet.

Keywords: THEREDA; database; nuclear waste disposal; long-term safety; reliable predictions; thermodynamic data; high ionic strength; Pitzer; SIT; solution experiments; alternative datasets; referential integrity; uncertainty estimates; geochemical modelling; EQ3/6; GWB; ChemApp

  • Lecture (Conference)
    238th ACS National Meeting & Exposition (Fall 2009), 16.-20.08.2009, Washington DC, United States
  • Abstract in refereed journal
    American Chemical society: Abstracts of scientific papers 238(2009), 58-NUCL
    ISSN: 978-0-8412-0005-0

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