Formation of Uranium(IV) Nanoparticles

Formation of Uranium(IV) Nanoparticles

Zänker, H.; Weiß, S.; Dreissig, I.; Opel, K.

Uranium(IV) is usually regarded as sparingly soluble at near-neutral pH values. It should, therefore, be immobile in anoxic groundwaters. However, indications are that UO2 is able to form stable colloids (nanoparticles) [1] and the question arises if such nanoparticles might counteract the immobility of U(IV) in natural waters. Attempts were made by us to produce U(IV) colloids that are stable at environmentally relevant (i.e. near-neutral or slightly alkaline) pH values. It turned out that U(IV) colloids which are stable over many months can be produced by electrochemical reduction of U(VI) at alkaline pH, adding silicate and titration to the near-neutral region from the alkaline side of the pH scale.

Keywords: uranium(IV); nanoparticles; silicate

  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    Russian-German Symposium on Actinide nano-Particles, 21.-22.05.2009, Moskwa, Rossia

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