Laser-Driven-Protons and Their Future in Oncology

Laser-Driven-Protons and Their Future in Oncology

Burris, T.

The advancement of high power (1e20 W/cm^2), short pulse (25 fs) laser systems has allowed for the production of high field gradients (~1e12 V/m) on the rear side of micron thick targets. This high field gradient is responsible for accelerating protons up to tens of MeV. This poster gives an overview of the work being performed at Forschungszentrum Dresden to study and develop the technique of proton laser acceleration into an Oncology based therapy unit, and it presents the first planned relative biological effectiveness experiments along with the associated dosimetry and beam transport.

Keywords: laser accelerated protons relative biological effectiveness

  • Poster
    Workshop on Hadron Beam Therapy of Cancer, Erice Italy, 24.04.-01.05.09, Erice, Italy

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