The 15N(p,gamma )16O reaction studied at LUNA.

The 15N(p,gamma )16O reaction studied at LUNA.

Bemmerer, D.; Caciolli, A.; Bonetti, R.; Broggini, C.; Confortola, F.; Corvisiero, P.; Costantini, H.; Elekes, Z.; Formicola, A.; Fulop, Z.; Gervino, G.; Guglielmetti, A.; Gustavino, C.; Gyurky, G.; Junker, M.; Limata, B.; Marta, M.; Menegazzo, R.; Prati, P.; Roca, V.; Rolfs, C.; Alvarez, C. R.; Somorjai, E.; Straniero, O.

The 15N(p,gamma)16O reaction lies at the intersection of the first and second CNO cycle of hydrogen burning. Recent R-matrix extrapolations suggest that its cross section may be lower by about a factor two with respect to previous work. Here we show new, direct experimental data on this reaction obtained at the LUNA 400 kV accelerator deep underground in the Gran Sasso laboratory in Italy.

Keywords: Nuclear astrophysics; Nova burning; CNO cycle; gas target; BGO detector; LUNA

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    Fr├╝hjahrstagung des DPG - Fachverbands Hadronen und Kerne and European Nuclear Phyisics Conference (EuNPC), 16.-20.03.2009, Bochum, Deutschland

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