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Spin-orbit interaction in chiral carbon nanotubes probed in pulsed magnetic fields

Jhang, S. H.; Marganska, M.; Skourski, Y.; Preusche, D.; Witkamp, B.; Grifoni, M.; van der Zant, H.; Wosnitza, J.; Strunk, C.

The magnetoconductance of an open carbon nanotube (CNT)-quantum wire was measured in pulsed magnetic fields. At low temperatures, we find a peculiar split magnetoconductance peak close to the chargeneutrality point. Our analysis of the data reveals that this splitting is intimately connected to the spin-orbit interaction and the tube chirality. Band-structure calculations suggest that the current in the peak regions is highly spin polarized, which calls for application in future CNT-based spintronic devices.

  • Physical Review B 82(2010), 041404(R)

Publ.-Id: 14331