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Analysis of the influence of different arrangements for ZrH moderator material on the performance of a SFR core

Merk, B.; Weiß, F. P.

The structure for the development of a fuel element design with reduced sodium void achieved by the use of the moderating material ZrH is investigated. In the study the sodium void effect, as well as the major feedback coefficients are analyzed. Besides the feedback coefficients, the influence on the operational parameters like neutron flux distribution, power distribution, and burnup distribution is investigated for the different possibilities of arranging the moderating material in the fuel element. Additionally, the fuel cycle parameters breeding and minor actinide production are analyzed. For a first evaluation of the behavior during transients the influence of temperature changes in the ZrH and the consequences of dissociation of the ZrH on the fuel element power are studied.

Keywords: Sodium void; fast reactor; zirconium hydride

Publ.-Id: 14434