A Virtual Firefighting Simulator

A Virtual Firefighting Simulator

Schmeißer, N.

A simulator will be presented which employs VR techniques in order to provide a training environment for re-ghters. While existing systems for re-brigade training do focus on tactics and command training, this simulator targets the training of the re attack group. It provides scenarios for search & rescue operations, direct reghting using water and foam as well as radiation source search operations. Visual, audio and haptic feed-back is provided. The system supports immersive displays (HMD) as well as standard techniques (monoscopic big-wall). It implements a walking paradigm, which enables the trainee to move around freely. The simulator uses extended reality features in order to improve the handling (nozzles, dose meter, ...). The trainee can use the system fully equipped, even using the respiratory protection, in order to provide a realistic feeling. Several physical models are used to provide eects closed to reality, namely:
  • heat release rate is used to model the energetic behavior of a fire, fl ame size etc.
  • a simple energetic model for re-extinction by cooling
  • water and foam ejection (depending on pressure, volume, form of jet, agent)
  • a smoke system (visibility equivalent to height of eye)
  • superposition of radiation sources (no shielding) and detection by Teleprobe FH40G
The simulation is supervised by an instructor, each action, e.g. radio traffc, movements is logged for analysis.

Keywords: simulation fire fire-fighting extinction radioton search rescue

  • Contribution to proceedings
    3rd International Workshop "Innovation in Information Technologies - Theory and Practice", September 6th-10th, Dresden, Germany, 2010, 06.-10.9.2010, Dresden, BRD
    A Virtual Firefighting Simulator, Dresden: Forschungszentrum-Rossendorf e. V., 978-3-941405-10-3, 76-82

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