Experimental Design of Traveling-Wave Thomson Scattering

Experimental Design of Traveling-Wave Thomson Scattering

Debus, A.; Bussmann, M.; Jochmann, A.; Siebold, M.; Cowan, T.; Schramm, U.; Sauerbrey, R.

Traveling-wave Thomson scattering is a novel interaction design that allows circumventing the Rayleigh limit in optical undulators, which is interesting for possible realizations of Thomson scattering sources with photon yields per pulse that are orders of magnitudes beyond current designs. The resulting radiation reaction could even be strong enough for driving an FEL instability. Here we present details on how a Traveling-wave setup has to be implemented in experiment. An emphasis is put on the use of varied-line spacing (VLS) gratings for spatio-temporal beam shaping at large interaction angles to achieve optimal overlap. At the FZD we are using the high-power laser system DRACO (250TW) to realize a Thomson source with electrons from the linear accelerator ELBE or laser-plasma accelerated electrons. We present the current status and further progress towards a head-on Thomson source and a Traveling-Wave Thomson scattering source aiming for high photon yields per pulse.

Keywords: Traveling-wave Thomson scattering; free electron laser; FEL; xray; EUV

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    32nd International Free Electron Laser Conference FEL 2010, 23.-27.08.2010, Malmö, Sweden

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