Environmental Sciences at the ESRF

Environmental Sciences at the ESRF

Cotte, M.; Auffan, M.; Degruyter, W.; Fairchild, I.; Newton, M.; Morin, G.; Sarret, G.; Scheinost, A. C.

In the past several years, environmental sciences have increased their share in the research portfolios of many synchrotrons, not least for their topicality from a societal point of view. As this field overlaps with many other disciplines, the ESRF decided to establish, in 2005, a dedicated Review Panel for Environmental Science and Cultural Heritage.
This facility report summarizes recent trends and results from the ESRF to highlight the different disciplines, techniques and topics. It should also be noted that environmental studies encompass both a better understanding of natural phenomena and monitoring the impact of human activity on nature.

Keywords: synchrotron radiation; XAFS; environmental research

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