Ion-implanted Silicon detectors ­ - Silicon Strip Detectors

Ion-implanted Silicon detectors ­ - Silicon Strip Detectors

Schmidt, B.; Haberjahn, M.; Lange, H.; Hanf, D.

Demands on modern silicon detector technology and the detector development for improving analysis in the frame of the EU-Project SPIRIT will be described. For high energy resolution RBS and ERDA experiments large area silicon strip detector with increased sensitivity and energy resolution down to 10 keV FWHM (He+ at max. 2MeV) are required. By applying such strip detectors with certain position resolution kinematic correction procedures will be possible.

Keywords: Silicon radiation detectors; ion implantation; high resolution IBA

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  • Lecture (Conference)
    1st SPIRIT Workshop on New detector technologies for advanced materials research using ion beam analysis, 25.-26.10.2010, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

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