Synthesis of [1-11C]phenol

Synthesis of [1-11C]phenol

Mäding, P.; Steinbach, J.

The synthesis of n.c.a. [1-11C]phenol (3) which is a further important aromatic 11C unit for potential PET radiotracers is decribed for the first time. [1-11C]aniline (1) was diazotized and the [1-11C]benzenediazonium bromide (2) formed was concentrated in situ to give 3. Before diazotization, 1 had to be purified twice by means of an adsorber resin and a cation exchange resin. Starting from the purified 1, 3 was obtained in a radiochemical purity of about 79 % within 10 min. Related to crude 1 from the one-pot process, thereproducible radiochemical yield of 3 was about 16 % (decay-corrected). 13C/11C Co-labelling experiments were carried out in order to confirm the identity of 3 and the position of the label.

Keywords: PET; 11C-ring labelling; diazotization; [1-11C]aniline; [1-11C]phenol

  • J. Labelled Cpd. Radiopharm. 43 (2000) 557-563

Publ.-Id: 1534