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Computer simulation of the radiation of electrons axially channeled in a thin Ge single crystal

Azadegan, B.; Dabagov, S. B.; Wagner, W.

The radiation emitted by axially channeled electrons has been investigated by computer simulations. Using the Doyle-Turner approximation for the atomic scattering factor and taking thermal vibrations of the crystal atoms into account, two-dimensional continuous potentials for the <100> and <110> crystallographic axes of a thin Ge single crystal have been calculated. The trajectories, velocities and accelerations of channeled electrons are obtained by solving numerically the classical equations of motion in three dimensions. In the framework of classical electrodynamics, these data allow realistic simulations of spectral-angular distributions and energy spectra of axial channeling radiation as well.

Keywords: channeling radiation; axial channeling

Publ.-Id: 16108