GDCh Working Group “Analytical Methods using Radionuclides and High-performance Sources”

GDCh Working Group “Analytical Methods using Radionuclides and High-performance Sources”

Denecke, M. A.; Merchel, S.; Eberhardt, K.

The working group “Analytical Methods using Radionuclides and High-performance Sources” (in German: Analytik mit Radionukliden und Hochleistungsstrahlenquellen, ARH) of the German Chemical Society (in German: Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker, GDCh) is supported by the GDCh Groups Nuclear Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Macromolecular Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry and Materials Research and the Wöhler Association of Inorganic Chemistry.

The ARH working group aims at promoting and supporting the use of radionuclides especially for quality assurance of other analytical methods and analytical methods using large research facilities including synchrotron, neutron and ion sources. The main specific objectives and tasks of ARH are:

  • Dissemination of scientific methodology and experience, knowledge transfer
  • Coordination and promotion of analytical work with radioactive substances
  • Utilization of radio-analytical methods by improving access to radiation facilities, associated instrumentation and isotope laboratories
  • Facilitate access to high-performance radiation sources
  • Contribution to quality assurance and validation in analytical methods
  • Establishment and reinforcing contacts with other scientific associations
  • Organization of scientific conferences and meetings

The ARH is continually growing, with the largest relative growth of student members over the past six years. You can become a member of the ARH working group if you belong to one of the supporting GDCh Groups listed above, are an interested company, which is a corporate GDCh member, or are an associated GDCh member in Germany or abroad (note, this is with limited member rights). Members of the German Physical Society (DPG) are also welcome to join the ARH working group with guest status.

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Keywords: neutron source; accelerator; synchrotron radiation

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