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Modeling Bubbly-Cap Flows Using Two-Group Average Bubble Number Density

Yeoh, G. H.; Cheung, S.; Tu, J.; Krepper, E.; Lucas, D.

The basic concept of two-group average bubble number density equations along with three-fluid model has been demonstrated for vertical gas-liquid flow. Specifically, the current study focused on:

(i) classification of bubble interaction between spherical bubbles (Group-1) and cap bubbles (Group-2),
(ii) preliminary consideration of source and sink terms in the averaged bubble number density equations via the model of Hibiki and Ishii [1] and (iii) assessment by means of experimental data sets at bubbly-to-cap flow transition. Reasonable agreement was achieved between measured and predicted distributions of void fraction, interfacial area concentration (IAC) and volume equivalent bubble diameter.

Keywords: CFD; two-phase flow; bubble number density

  • Contribution to proceedings
    The 14th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermalhydraulics, NURETH-14, 25.-30.09.2011, Toronto, Canada
    Proceedings of the 14th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermalhydraulics (NURETH-14)

Publ.-Id: 16138