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Optimising the efficiency of pulsed diode pumped Yb:YAG laser amplifiers for ns pulse generation

Ertel, K.; Banerjee, S.; Mason, P.; Phillips, P.; Siebold, M.; Hernandez-Gomez, C.; Collier, J.

We present a numerical model of a pulsed, diode-pumped Yb:YAG laser amplifier for the generation of high energy ns-pulses. This model is used to explore how optical-to-optical efficiency depends on factors such as pump duration, pump spectrum, pump intensity, doping concentration, and operating temperature. We put special emphasis on finding ways to achieve high efficiency within the practical limitations imposed by real-world laser systems, such as limited pump brightness and limited damage fluence. We show that a particularly advantageous way of improving efficiency within those constraints is operation at cryogenic temperature. Based on the numerical findings we present a concept for a scalable amplifier based on an end-pumped, cryogenic, gas-cooledmulti-slab architecture.

Keywords: Laser amplifiers; Lasers pulsed; Lasers ytterbium; Pumping

Publ.-Id: 16224