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The Rossendorf Beamline at ESRF: A multipurpose X-ray absorption spectroscopy and scattering beamline for Environmental and Materials Sciences

Scheinost, A. C.

The Rossendorf Beamlines at ESRF is operated since 1997 by the Helmholtz Center Dresden-Rossendorf. As a multipurpose synchrotron x-ray beamline, it serves both inhouse and collaborative research in Environmental and Materials Science. Its optics provide tunable monochromatic x-rays to two experimental stations, the first specialized in bulk x-ray absorption spectroscopy for environmental radionuclide research, and the second specialized in a variety of scattering techniques to elucidate the structure of thin films and other materials. The first focus of my talk will be on the performance of the optics, which are donated to SESAME. I will then show some research examples, and give an overview on the organization, funding and personnel input, and productivity parameters (publications, projects, and outreach).

Keywords: Environmental Sciences; Materials Sciences; ROBL; Synchrotron

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    SESAME User Meeting 2011, 12.11.2011, Amman, Jordan

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