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S100A2 in cancerogenesis: a friend or a foe?

Wolf, S.; Haase-Kohn, C.; Pietzsch, J.

Owing to the exceptional intracellular distribution and the heterogeneous expression pattern during transformation and metastasis in various tumors, the EF-hand calcium-binding protein S100A2 attracts increasing attention. Unlike the majority of S100 proteins, S100A2 expression is downregulated in many cancers and the loss in nuclear expression has been associated with poor prognosis. On the other hand, S100A2 is upregulated in some cancers. This mini review highlights the general characteristics of S100A2 and discusses recent findings on its putative functional implication as a suppressor or promoter in cancerogenesis.

Keywords: Calcium-binding protein; EF-hand; p53 Protein family; Receptor for advanced glycation endproducts (RAGE); Tumor promotor; Tumor suppressor Introduction

Publ.-Id: 16253