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Long intersubband relaxation times in n-type germanium quantum wells

Ortolani, M.; Stehr, D.; Wagner, M.; Helm, M.; Pizzi, G.; Virgilio, M.; Grosso, G.; Capellini, G.; de Seta, M.

We measured the non-radiative intersubband relaxation time in n-type modulation-doped Ge/SiGe multi-quantum wells of different thickness by means of degenerate pump-probe experiments. The photon energy was tuned to be resonant with the lowest conduction band intersubband transitionenergy (14-29 meV), as measured by terahertz absorption spectroscopy and in agreement with bandstructure calculations. Temperature-independent lifetimes in excess of 30 ps were observed.

Keywords: intersubband; germanium; free-electron laser; relaxation time; terahertz

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Publ.-Id: 16262