Dual beam irradiation of nanostructured FeCrAl oxide dispersion strengthened steel

Dual beam irradiation of nanostructured FeCrAl oxide dispersion strengthened steel

Chen, C. L.; Richter, A.; Kögler, R.; Talut, G.

Nanostructured ferritic oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) alloy is an ideal candidate for fission/fusion power plant materials, particularly in the use of a first-wall and blanket structure of a next generation reactor. These steels usually contain a high density of Y–Ti–O and Y–Al–O nanoparticles, high dislocation densities and fine grains. The material contains nanoparticles with an average diameter of 21 nm and was treated by several cold rolling procedures, which modify the dislocation density. Structural analysis with HRTEM shows that the chemical composition of the initial Y2O3 oxide is modified to perovskite YAlO3 (YAP) and Y2Al5O12 garnet (YAG). Irradiation of these alloys was performed with a dual beam irradiation of 2.5 MeV Fe+/31 dpa and 350 keV He+/18 appm/dpa. Irradiation causes atomic displacements resulting in vacancy and self-interstitial lattice defects and dislocation loops. Extended SRIM calculations for ODS steel indicate a clear spatial separation between the excess vacancy distribution close to the surface and the excess interstitials in deeper layers of the material surface. The helium atoms are supposed to accumulate mainly in the vacancies. Additionally to structural changes, the effect of the irradiation generated defects on the mechanical properties of the ODS is investigated by nanoindentation. A clear hardness increase in the irradiated area is observed, which reaches a maximum at a close surface region. This feature is attributed to synergistic effects between the displacement damage and He implantation resulting in He filled vacancies. Fine He cavities with diameters of a few nanometers were identified in TEM images.

Keywords: Irradiation damage; ion implantation; ODS material; irradiation hardening

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