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Mixing Enhancement in Gas-Stirred Melts by Rotating Magnetic Fields

Vogt, T.; Andruszkiewicz, A.; Eckert, S.; Eckert, K.; Odenbach, S.; Gerbeth, G.

A model experiment of a submerged gas injection system in a cylindrical vessel under the influence of a rotating magnetic field and its effect on liquid metal mixing is presented. Argon gas is injected through a nozzle into a column of the eutectic alloy GaInSn, which is liquid at room temperature. Without a magnetic field the bubble plume in the center region of the cylindrical vessel produces a recirculation zone with high fluid velocities near the free surface while the fluid velocities in the bottom region are rather low. Our measurements revealed the potential of rotating magnetic fields to control both the amplitude of the meridional flow and the bubble distribution and to provide an effective mixing in the whole fluid volume. Various periodic flow patterns were observed in a certain parameter range with respect to variations of the magnetic field strength and the gas flow rate.

Keywords: Mixing; rotating magnetic field; bubbles

Publ.-Id: 17053