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Harnessing laser plasma accelerators for radiation therapy - Lab status and recent results from Dresden

Schramm, U.

Demanding applications like radiation therpy of cancer have pushed the development of laser plasma proton accelerators and defined novel levels of control and monitoring capabilities in experiments. In this presentation the status of the joint activities of the Dresden groups at HZDR running the high power laser Draco and at Oncoray, the national center for radiation research in oncology, will be briefly summarized. Emphasis will be given to the energy scaling of proton bunches accelerated in the TNSA regime with and during ultra-short pulses, potential instabilities in the process, methods for online monitoring, and to the status of the ongoing upgrade of Draco to PW power level. The presentation will be complemented by a demonstration of the simulation capabilities of PIConGPU especially with respect to the prediction of radiation spectra emitted during the laser plasma interaction.

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