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Results of the Literature Research of the Oxidation of Isobutane and Current Works.

Willms, T.; Kryk, H.; Hampel, U.

Reaction paths of the Isobutane oxidation and main reaction products are summarized to identify processes which are influencing the TBHP yield. 13 levers to improve the selectivity could be identified. Several reaction models of the isobutane oxidation from literature are analyzed concerning the reaction conditions and the elementary chemical reactions used.
Furthermore a first flow chart for the micro reactor design is presented. The results of the first meeting with Linde Engineering are discussed and safety issues are pointed out.
The results of DSC experiments concerning the decomposition of TBHP are presented.

  • Lecture (others)
    Halbjahresmeeting Helmholtz-Energie-Allianz, 21.-23.03.2013, Karlsruhe, Deutschland

Publ.-Id: 19281