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Modeling and Analysis of Compositional Data

Pawlowsky-Glahn, V.; Egozcue, J. J.; Tolosana-Delgado, R.

These notes have been prepared as support to a short course on compositional data analysis. The first version dates back to the year 2000. Their aim is to transmit the basic concepts and skills for simple applications, thus setting the premises for more advanced projects. The awareness of problems related to the statistical analysis of compositional data analysis dates back to a paper by Karl Pearson (1897), which title began significantly with the words "On a form of spurious correlation". The aim of these notes is to summarize the last stages of research on this topic, focusing on the practical aspects necessary for a statistical modelling of these kind of data. The notes are based both on the monograph by John Aitchison, "Statistical analysis of compositional data" (1986), and on recent developments that complement the theory developed there. These notes have been updated over the years, and frequent updates will be still required in the near future, as the theory presented here is a field of active research.

Keywords: compositions; proportions; logratio approach; isometric logratio; centered logratio; additive logratio; log-ratio; Aitchison geometry; perturbation; simplex; sample space; scale

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    London: WIley, 2015
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