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The Ter-Mikaelian and Landau-Pomeranchuk effects for induced soft gluon radiation in a QCD medium

Kämpfer, B.; Pavlenko, O. P.

The polarization of a surrounding QCD medium
modifies the induced gluon radiation spectrum
of a high-energy parton at small transverse momenta
for a single interaction and for multiple scatterings as well.
This effect is an analogue of the Ter-Mikaelian effect in QED,
superimposed to the Landau--Pomeranchuk effect,
however it appears in QCD in a different phase space region.

Keywords: Landau-Pomeranchuk effect; gluon radiation; Ter-Mikaelian effect

  • Physics Letters B 477 (2000) 171-177 web: hep-ph

Publ.-Id: 1949